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Black-Box-2G Data Sheet < back to product
Feature Description
Storage size Up to 1Tb temporary storage: to archive with redundant systems the specific product is Linkverse Black-Storage>
External storage compatibility NAS, iSCSI, DAS, SAN, etc.
Studies search time < 200ms on every archive
Images access from or outside the hospital Unlimited, web without dedicated software, including movie clips, security systems included
Access to images in radiology department Less than 5 seconds to display every study
Data access mode DICOM, DICOM print capture (not for diagnosis)
Data acquisition mode Compatible with Linkverse Black-Storage > or Linkverse Black-Box-2G: stores data received from modalities on the local storage and allows to send received data to other units (Black-Storage or Black-Box-2G). Allows to access local and remote data transparently.
Auto-routing systems Configurable automatic routing destinations: DICOM, CIFS, iSCSI, NFS, FTP, e-mail, custom scripts execution, etc.
Data reconciliation Manual, semi-automatic or automatic. Automatic reconciliation using barcode readers
Backup technologies DVD/Blu-Ray/Tapes/NAS/Cloud
3rd Party RIS Integration Performed using the following integrations: HL7 channel, database views, SOAP integrations, 3rd party APIs, etc.
Reports archive HL7, DICOM SR, PDF, P7M, etc.
Legal hold Compliant to CAD (D.lgs 7 marzo 2005, n. 82), avaiable also as ASP
Modality Worklist / Modality Performed Procedure Step Natively supported, can get worklists from a 3rd party RIS in real time
Monitoring Real-time, can send alarms to support, remote handling
IHE Profiles IHE Integration Profile >
DICOM conformance DICOM Conformance Statement >