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Black-Vision Datasheet < back to product
Feature Description
Resolution 1.3, 2, 3, 5MP, one or more displays
Colors Grayscale (up to 10bit from graphics card, 13.5bit LUT, 12bit screen rendering), colors (up to 1 billion colors)
Physical specifications Up to IP65 for surgery models
Display technology EIZO Radiforce Display per diagnosis and consultation >
Penta display for surgery>
Access accelerator Linkverse Image Channel, less than 5 secondi to open every study from a Linkverse Black-Storage >
Viewing software Linkverse Radiology Workstation, Linkverse Mammography Workstation
Hanging Protocol Supported, with relevant prior. Special protocols for mammography
Printing On paper and DICOM printers
Workstation settings User related, portable, domain integration
Acquisition Scanner module, acquisition from Patient CD
Base features 2D/MIP/MPR
Advanced features 3D rendering, lung, perfusion, colon, vessels, CT/PET
Monitoring Real-time, can send alarms to support, remote handling
Sensors Uniformity sensor, calibration sensors (depending upon selected displays)
Certifications and Quality DICOM Part 14, DIN 6868-57, QS-RL (depending upon selected displays)
IHE Profiles IHE Integration Profile >
DICOM conformance Linkverse Radiology Workstation>
Linkverse Mammography Workstation>