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"Hello, this is Linkverse" is more than a standard customer service formula.

It is a dedicated support service introducing you to the benefits of our RIS/PACS systems.

The requirements of the radiology environment are often widely diversified. This is the reason why we share 100% of our knowledge with our clients, since the first delicate phase of the needs analysis.
Our project consultants can be contacted for a free initial consultation at:


E-mail:   info@linkverse.com
Tel: (+39) 06 90287198
Fax: (+39) 06 91659346

Helpdesk Linkverse
In order to enable Linkverse Helpdesk’s support, please download the most appropriate TeamViewer version to allow interaction with your PC.
Please select the version suitable for your operating system:

E-mail:   helpdesk@linkverse.com
Tel: (+39) 06 90283935